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Our logo, created for the NHC by brothers George and Butch Thunder Hawk of Standing Rock, N.D. is based on a Lakota medicine wheel and honors horse nations of all colors and directions.
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Breeders of Nokota Horses

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East Coast

Seth Zeigler and Family Farm
website: NoDaksylvania Nokotas


Seth Zeigler went to the Kuntz Ranch to volunteer more than five years ago, and he bought his first Nokota shortly thereafter. His original intention was to take one stallion and one mare back to Pennsylvania and join the Marines, but his experiences at the Ranch changed all of that and he ended up living in North Dakota, and now Minnesota, and later sending a small herd of Nokotas back to his family farm in south-central PA to be cared for by Dave, Anne, and Zach Zeigler. This small band of Nokotas is currently the only breeding herd east of Illinois, although that very happily will change in the next few years as the young horses belonging to other breeders mature.


The Zeigler farm has a few fully foundation Nokotas for sale and many more to visit, if you are curious about the breed, so please feel free to contact Seth Zeigler at or 701-260-0791.

Jerry and Linda Heusler
High Bluff Nokota Horse Preservation Ranch
3479 Genesis Drive
Keuka Park, NY  14478
HPhone: 315-536-9878
CPhone: 315-374-3795

We first heard about Nokota horses in 2005. Vacation that year was a trip to North Dakota to see these wonderful animals and hear their story. Learning that there were so few left in the world - and because we fell instantly in love - we knew we had to join the effort to save this noble breed.

With the help of Frank and Leo Kuntz and Shelly Hauge we now have a breeding herd of six. Two stallions, two brood mares (which should provide us our first babies in the Spring 2007)and two yearling fillies for the future. Our bloodlines go back to Lakota Dancer, Black Fox and War Chief to name a few. We also have two tobiano geldings for trail riding.

We would love to show you our beauties or talk about this awesome breed. The Nokota story is as rich and historic as the land they call home. We are available Sunday through Friday and would truly enjoy the chance to spread the news about the Nokota. Please call for an appointment @ 315-536-9878.

Jim and Laurie Sacks
Wary Wolf Nokotas
Berks County, Pennsylvania

Jim and Laurie Sacks of Berks County, Pennsylvania currently own 3 Nokotas. To fulfill their dream of becoming Nokota preservation breeders, the Sacks recently purchased a beautiful historic 50-acre property in Berks County, PA, outside of Philadelphia.


The pride of their small herd is the charismatic Spirit - a fully Traditional 2004 blue roan colt by Spotted Gordon out of a Target daughter. Spirit has been wowing the crowds for quite a while - considering his young age.

As a long weanling, Spirit was selected by Leo Kuntz to represent the Nokotas at the 2005 Minnesota Horse Expo. Shortly after that, Spirit was once again chosen to represent the breed and journeyed 1,600 miles from his North Dakota home to take part in the Team Nokota Exhibition at the 2005 Devon Horse Show in Pennsylvania. Shortly thereafter, Jim and Laurie Sacks purchased Spirit as a future foundation stallion.


But like potato chips - one Nokota is never enough. The Sacks quickly decided to purchase Spirit's stable mate - Three-Eyed Wolf. Snowy - as he is called - is a 2004 Nokota colt sired by Dancing Wolf out of a Lakota Dancer daughter. A classic 'old Ranch type' Nokota, the bald-faced bay Snowy was also selected to represent the breed at Team Nokota's Devon event.

Midnight Blue

And finally, to provide their young Nokota colts with an 'adult' role-model and as a riding horse for Laurie, the Sacks have arranged a long-term lease of 9 year old Midnight Blue - a black, dressage-trained Nokota gelding owned by Pam Pew of West Grove, PA.

While Laurie enjoys trail riding with Blue, Spirit and Snowy will be put into professional training as they mature. The Sacks look forward to campaigning both colts in the show ring and to Spirit's future as their foundation stallion at Wary Wolf Nokotas.

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Steven and Brenda Clemente
Red Rock Ranch
16609 167th Place
McAlpin, FL 32062
Phone: 386-776-2570

We first became interested in Nokotas a few years ago after stumbling onto the Conservancy website. After speaking with Shelly and Frank a few times we finally traveled to Linton, North Dakota in 2006. Impressed with what we saw, we knew we had to become involved in the Kuntz family's efforts to save this historic breed. To that end we picked out a stud, a gelding and six mares to become Preservation Breeders.

Grey Chief (center) and Rock Star (left) arrive in FL after much anticipation!! Pictured (l-r) with the new arrivals are Frank Kuntz, Shelly Hauge, Dawn Hager and Steven Clemente.

Our mares bloodlines include War Chief, Bay Castle, Dancing Wolf, Grey Butte II, Black Star, Grey Eagle, Red Badger and Black Squaw.

Six carefully chosen Nokota mares enhance this new preservation herd.

Our goal is to help preserve and increase the Nokota population. We hope that in someway we will help make a difference for the Nokota Horse.

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Leo and Frank Kuntz
Leo Kuntz can be contacted at:
2170 77th St SE
Linton, ND  58552
phone number:  701-782-4239

Frank Kuntz's address is:
208 NW 1st Street
Linton, ND 58552
phone:  701-254-4302, fax:  701-254-4205


A young overo filly, photo by Shelly Hauge


A larger red roan filly, photo by Lindsay Werkmeister.

Leo and Frank Kuntz have been raising Nokota horses since the late 1970s, and are at the heart and core of the Nokota Horse Conservancy. They originally started raising Nokota horses for their ruggedness, soundness, and endurance (click here for Bad Toe, one of their first Nokotas).  They continue to be, by far, the largest Nokota breeders, and as such they have a very large selection of all types, shapes, and colors of Nokota horses for sale at all times (to learn about Nokota horses available for sale, please visit This is the widest range of Nokota horses anywhere, from ponies to a few individuals that approach 17 hands, geldings, mares, stallions, fillies, colts, and foals. If you have any questions or requests please feel free to ask and we will see what we can do or find.


A 2 yr old grullo overo stud colt

Randal and Jane Shimmin
870-105th Ave.
Roseville, IL 61473
309-426-2641 (weekends or evenings)


Dakota, Traditional herd stallion


 Smoke Signal

About 8 years ago, we traveled to North Dakota to visit the Kuntz ranch. We purchased two weanlings, a black stud colt, we named Dakota, and a blue roan filly, we named Blue Hawk.  Since then we have purchased and raised several others. We are very enthusiastic about the Nokota breed. They have a very interesting history and are a rare breed.  Nokota horses are very tame and easy to work with. They are very hardy in bad weather and have strong hooves, which rarely need any extra care. We use our horses on cattle and for trail riding. We also have quite a few Preschool and Kindergarten farm tours every year. These horses have great dispositions and love the attention from the small children. 

Currently, we have Dakota, our black stallion, as our herd sire. We have eight mares; some in production and some soon to be. We have a young stud colt, named Smoke Signal. He is a gruello and white overo with stripes on his legs. We plan on using him in the future.

We have only a small herd, but we have a wide variety of colors. We usually have something for sale at all times. Currently, we have 4 yearlings for sale.

We can be contacted several ways:

Jorja Mottayaw
Hidden Pond Farm
3573 T.R. 45
Bellefontaine, OH 43311
H: 937-593-0717
C: 614-419-0344


Jingle Hawk

I have recently bought a Nokota (NPR) stud colt. Jingle Hawk was born on Christmas day 2004. Mainly, I bought him for the love of the breed and secondly to help preserve the breed. He's a grulla and an exceptionally calm stud. Being a ranch-type Nokota, he'll finish on the taller side, but as a 3 yr. old he's about 15.1 HH. Like everyone says they are very quick learners and love attention.

I'm planning on showing him off at Equine Affaire in Columbus, OH this spring. My neighbor was with me when I picked him up and she ended up getting a gelding they had for sale. Another friend met Jingle Hawk, started researching the Nokotas and decided to become a preservation breeder. The breed really speaks for themselves.

Gary & Barb King
1659 County Rd 462
Poplar Bluff, Mo 63901
(H) (573) 857-2619


Ghost Dancer, our herd stallion.

We've owned Nokota horses since 2002, when I got 1 stallion and 5 brood mares from Leo Kuntz. Our herd stallion, Ghost Dancer, is a red roan out of Red Badger. I have a total of 7 mares and we occassionally have foals available for sale. We have found Nokotas to be extremely intelligent and very quick learners. If interested, please don't hesitate to call and see what we might have available.


Traditional red roan filly, Cheyenne.

Snowy River Ranch
Nick & Alicia Teberg
Battle Lake, MN

A Snowy River Scene.

We currently own 6 Nokotas (2 stallions and 4 mares) and will soon be looking to expand. Stryder is an incredible, young dark blue roan (7/8 traditional) stallion out of Blue Moon. Stryder has been ridden under saddle, in parades, and has been a Nokota representative at the MN Horse Expo for the Nokota Horse Conservancy. Additionally, we also have a black traditional Nokota stallion, a Dark Warrior son named Nokota Pride, who we hope to have under saddle very soon. Our Nokota mares include a beautiful blue roan mare out of Hammer and a blue roan Blue Moon daughter. We are hopeful to have four new foals on the ground this spring, so things will be exciting!


One of our boarders fell so in love with our Nokota horses that she purchased a mare of her own with intentions of breeding her to Stryder. She is a beautiful blue roan overo mare by Thunder Hawk. And now my younger sister, Chelsea, is hooked as well but will take things slowly at first by just riding and spending time with one of our Nokotas.

Blue Elite is a recent addition to the Snowy River herd.

We are SO excited to be a part of the Nokota Horse Conservancy and their preservation efforts and look forward to many opportunities to showcase them. Our new website is in the works and will be up and running soon.

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West Coast

Dale and Holly Offermann
Rockin' Bar H Nokota Horses
Arlington, Washington 98223


Dale Offermann and Chief, during a Liberty Performance at the 2001 Cannonball Powwow. Photo by Shelly Hauge.

We are preservation breeders and trainers and have been raising Nokota horses since 1990. In 1992, we moved to Washington from North Dakota with 3 Nokota Horses (Chief, Gypsy, and Sheba) that we purchased at an auction in the fall of 1990. Our herd has grown to 16 horses, 10 of them are Nokotas! We stand two Nokota stallions, Chief and Dog Soldier, and have 5 Nokota mares and 3 Nokota geldings.

Teaching trust with positive motivation is the basis of our training methods; this builds a strong bond with our horses, making them very willing to do what you ask.  This method has enabled us to train all our horses to be excellent companions on the trail or wherever the trail leads us.

To help promote the Nokota horse, Dale and Chief began doing free-style liberty performances in 1999. They perform many shows a year and have had several articles written about them. Chief is known as the Ambassador for the Nokota Horse breed. In June of 2002 the Rockin' Bar H sponsored their first informal meeting of the Pacific Northwest Nokota Horse Owners at our annual open house. The members are the owners of Nokota Horses that have been sold through us. For more information, please visit our website at

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Nokota Ranch
François et Valérie Marchal
3 route de Chantilly
60560 Orry-la-Ville

tel : (33) 06 16 22 09 94

After discovering the Nokota horses in a French magazine, the Marchal family traveled to North Dakota in the summer of 2005 to visit the Kuntz Ranch and study how to start a breeding program in France. They fell immediately in love with this fabulous horse, and a part of their heart is now tied to the North Dakota prairie. In the summer of 2007, the entire family returned to North Dakota to select two mares, a colt and a filly. 500 years later, the Nokotas are back in the old world!

Nokota Ranch is located near Paris in France, and is the home of Thunder Bull, Flashy Wolf, Lakota Bird and Blue Canyon that will proudly represent the Nokota horses in Europe. The ranch will breed three foals per year, and is promoting the Nokota horses in Europe, educating people about their particular history and the need for their preservation. In respect for their origin, these horses are trained and bred using traditional ranch horsemanship techniques and spirit.

Thunder Bull is the archetype of the Ranch type Nokota - this very quiet and strong mare is the perfect illustration of what Mark Rashid calls "Passive Leadership".

Flashy Wolf is a traditional mare - we can easily imagine Lakota warriors hunting buffalo on this fast and tireless mare. This rare dark blue roan shows some unique overo markings.

Please visit our website at

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