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Artist - Jeanne Fischer

Hello everyone, this year I am offering commissioned portraits of your horse, or other pet, or human or combination and giving 25% of the profits to the NHC. This is how it will work :::: 
The commissions I offer are all done in a combination of oil pastel, (which uses the same pigments and oils that oil paint does with some added wax) and oil pencil (which also shares the same pigments as oil paint). Customers can choose three different surfaces for their paintings/drawings: paper, pastel board and cradled board in various sizes. The prices start at $50 for the smallest which is only offered in a pastel board 5 x 7 inches all the up to 18 x 24 inches on any of the three surfaces. The prices will include shipping to the lower 48 only.

For a commission to be a success I require two things. The first is a photo reference. The better the reference photo the better the result I can achieve of a likeness to the subject. The second is a down payment to start the work. I require 1/2 the total commission up front with the remaining 1/2 due when the work is done. I addition I will communicate a number of times with each customer to ensure they are getting what they want.

Payments can be made through my website which is secure and set up with paypal to accept credit and bank card payments. I will also consider checks by mail as well.

I can be contacted through my website or through my Facebook accounts.

Visionary Pictures is my business account on Facebook. It has a link to my website through the button called Shop Now or you can leave me a message. I also have two personal Facebook accounts and in which you can contact me by posting a message on my wall or IM me in a chat.

I am of course not opposed to talking with someone on the phone 763-434-1144.

I invite you to look at my website and look at completed work and check out the information I have there on conducting commissions.


" to wrangle a foal..." by Mollie

Mollie Mollie and Shortcake!
 My month working with the NHC was one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life. Working with easily over fifty horses in my time there, down time was non-existent but the reward was huge. The Nokota® horses I worked with have made marks on my heart that I now carry with me. The love I have for these majestic creatures has grown immensely and I can now fully appreciate how incredible,intelligent, and eager they truly are and I am lucky they took the time to adopt me into their world of wild from my world of domestic.
     Learning the herd was probably one of the most amazing things I was able to do. Being able to stand among all the studs and know each of them by name was the moment that I had really come into my own and had begun to understand the true meaning of herd. On my very first day, I had to learn how to wrangle a foal, drive it across a field in the bed of a truck, and reintroduce it to its mother, something I doubt I would have ever had the experience or knowledge to do at home. It was also so interesting for me to watch the differences between the studs and the mares in their forms of communication. With both the mares and studs though, the most important thing I found out about the Nokota®s was their overall need for something in and from you, each horse needing something different. Shortcake, for instance, craved an equal partner to conquer things with, while some needed a leader to show the way with quiet confidence, like my boy El Speedo. Being able to differentiate these characteristics has made me overall more perceptive to even human behaviors!
     Now that I am back home, I feel as though I am missing a part of me and I know I left it with the horses. I learned so much from Frank, Kim, Shawna and Shelly about horses and people and I am so grateful. Thank you to the NHC for simply existing and allowing me to take this journey and become a part of a bigger herd. I will most certainly be back!

"...way out of my comfort zone..." by Kara

IMG_3098_copy.jpgKara and Mountain Lion 
Every journey starts with a decision, and mine started when I decided to stop and chat with one of my professors in between classes. We talked about my studies in photography, which led us to talking about horses and Helen Obermeyer-Simmons began to tell me of these amazing horses. Her enthusiasm for the breed was so infectious I reached out to Kim, asking if I could come out for the summer. I didn’t know what I was expecting, but I knew it would be the journey of a lifetime. From driving across half the country on my own, to watching thunderstorms roll across the open plains miles from away, I knew before I even arrived in Linton that I was WAY out of my comfort zone, but it was a trip I needed to take.
     I hit the ground running on my first day, meeting everyone and experiencing the Nokota® studs. In my 16 years of working with horses, I had never witnessed such intelligence in an animal! I breathed and they knew. It was as if they could read my mind. I was terrified that I wasn’t a good enough horsewoman to be here, but as the weeks went on, I found that I could use their sensitivity and communicate in a way I never had with another horse. Soon, I was looking out into the stud pen, and that’s when I got the idea to work with one horse in particular all on my own. With Frank’s and Shawna’s words of wisdom ringing in my ears, I began working on building a trust between myself and a flea-bitten gelding named Mountain Lion. He was terrified when we were in the round pen alone, but soon, he was looking at me with curiosity and a look as if to say, “I want this connection, can you give it to me?”

MN Horse Expo by Judy Onufer

mnhorseThe Minnesota Horse Expo 2016, Nokota® Style by Judy Onufer                 This year’s Minnesota Horse Expo, held at the State Fair Grounds in St. Paul, was an enormous success for our Nokota® horses, their human partners and for the Nokota Horse Conservancy®. The termexposition derives from the Latin, meaning to show forth. We had a grand weekend of doing justthat…giving our horses the opportunity to show their beauty, intelligence, grace, curiosity andversatility. In attendance were eleven Nokota® horses, a fantastic and impressive turnout. Along withthree breed parades and two breed demonstrations throughout the three day event, we had a steadystream of visitors to our stalls in the horse barn, and countless admirers and fans as we proudly rodeabout the fairgrounds. As our numbers grow in this region, the increased exposure is certainly creating agrowing fan base for our breed. There was a time when the curious might have commonly asked, “What breed is your horse?” This weekend, we heard more questions like, “Can I ask you a few things about your Nokota®? I would really like to learn more.” Yes!

First-Ever Nokota® Webinar

Here is a link to the recording of the webinar! (Audio only)
On March 17, 2016 Kelly Williams, Nokota® owner and NHC® board member interviewed Frank Kuntz, co-founder of the Nokota Horse Conservancy® and Jack Lieser, trainer of Nokota® and other horses LIVE from the Nokota® Young Horse Handling Clinic at Lieser Arena in beautiful Brenham, TX.


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