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Merle Ann Jones

Merle Ann Jones is a retired school teacher and the author of a new heart-warming book by LifeVest Publishing, Inc. entitled Paul's Gift.

A Lakota youth has been working very hard to earn a Nokota® horse. The horse is being given to him by the Nokota® Horse Conservancy. One of the goals of the conservancy is to reunite some of these horses with Lakota youth in the hope that their native horses will again be part of their culture. The story takes place on a morning in late spring when the horse is delivered to Paul’s house. Paul has not seen the horse and is excited about seeing his horse for the first time.

What color will he be? What will Paul name him?


Hardcover price: $15.99 / Softcover price: $7.99

ISBN: 978-1-59879-646-9

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Margaret Odgers


Margaret Odgers is the author of a wonderfully humorous book by Half Halt Press entitled The Dressage Rider's Survival Guide. "Margaret is a working wife and mom with three kids, three horses, on a tight budget with a sincere and somewhat pathetic (she says) desire to become a good dressage rider."

Michele Pope Melina, a Minnesota Artist

A Father's Love, by Michele Pope Melina.

One of my favorite pastimes is surfing the internet. My work as an artist involves research leading to more knowledge for my painting. I happened upon an internet equine newsletter one day called Equiworld. The article introduced me to the Kuntz family and their dedication to saving the Nokota® horse from extinction. I have been a painter for over 30 years working with subjects dealing with historical subjects and themes that teeter on the edge of our disappearing culture.

Plein Air Nokota®s - Heidi Harner

dark horse, bright day.jpg

Dark Horse, Bright Day

Heidi Harner, an incredible equine and plein air artist from Lafayette, Indiana, often visits the Nokota® Horse Conservancy on the spacious North Dakota prairies, where her roots have inspired her love for wide open spaces.  Why she paints what she does:  "Horses are beautiful in their line, form and movement; dogs bring much joy to our lives, and when I paint landscapes outside on location, I feel I am nearest to God than most other times".  Heidi generously donates a percentage of the sale of her Nokota® paintings to the Nokota® Horse Conservancy.  Please visit Heidi's website at

Diane Grant Czajkowski


Artist Diane Grant Czajkowski is a well-known professional equestrian and canine artist, known throughout Pennsylvania for her fine art portraits. Her passion for horses is easy to see and finely exhibited in her equine paintings.

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