The Nokota® Horse Conservancy relies entirely
on the generous contributions of its donors.

(Download a Donation Pledge Form)

Horses on the Prairie Camp, 2005 - one of our most successful outreach programs, supported by donations.

In addition to providing the required physical care and management of the Nokota® horses, your donations are also used in other important ways.

  • The Conservancy's primary long term goal is to purchase land within North Dakota and form a sanctuary (see The Land Trust) where the horses are ensured a place to survive in a natural setting with minimal management.
  • Additional goals include establishing an interpretive center on Conservancy lands as well as public and educational programs.
  • The Nokota® Horse Conservancy has partnered with The Horses on the Prairie Camp, an educational opportunity, provided through United Tribes Technical College and funded in part by NASA, that offers children the opportunity to study Nokota® horses and the prairie ecosystems of which the horses are an integral part. The camp is a way to reintroduce horse culture to children. The Horses on the Prairie Camp, whether in the classroom or in the field, manages to combine culture with science in a way that makes them seem all the more significant, holistic, and interesting. The participants learn about Native American culture and art and the significance of horses and other animals, various plants, and other phenomena like weather and religion.

Donations make meaningful memorials, or gifts for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or for any horse lover on any special occasion. You may wish to sponsor a horse for yourself, as a gift for someone special, or in the name of a loved one. Please know that all donations are tax-deductible and go directly to the care of the horses.


In order to continue this valuable work, we need your help. Please consider making a donation to the Nokota® Horse Conservancy today!

How to Become a Donor

  • Becoming a donor takes only a few minutes!
  • Download and print out the Donation Pledge Form.
  • Once completed, you may return the Donation Pledge Form to us in either of two ways.
  • Fax the form along with your credit card (Visa or Mastercard) information to: (701)254-4205

  • Mail the form with your donation (check or money order - in US funds - made payable to the Nokota® Horse Conservancy) to:

    Nokota® Horse Conservancy
    208 NW 1st Street
    Linton, ND 58552

On behalf of all the Nokota® horses in existence today
because of the Conservancy's efforts, we thank you!!

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