The Landtrust Initiative

While every day chores and existence seem to be a top priority for the Nokotas, land is one goal that has eluded us over the years. But in order to preserve the Nokota® horses, we need to realize this goal. The acquisition of land will ensure that the Nokotas can live safely and without disruption for generations to come. The NHC recognizes the valuable part the Nokota® plays in our delicate ecosystem and by protecting these uniquely historic and important animals we also protect the open spaces in which they thrive.

A Land Trust account has been established to assure that funds and donations earmarked specifically for this effort are protected and utilized as directed by the donor.

Ideally, 2000 acres would enable us to preserve the Conservancy's Nokotas for years to come. Today's prices vary widely, but a good average for pasture land is $800/acre. Land needs to be a priority, even with operating expenses continually on the rise in light of today's economy.

Please let us know if you would like to participate in this vital effort.